PREBRA 17SX20 60 L 6 W 0.02 Thk Roll Shim Stock

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  • Length: 60 Inch
  • Material: Brass
  • Thickness: 0.020 Inch
  • Type: Roll
  • Width: 6 Inch
Additional Information:

Brass Shim is made from a half hard, cold rolled, 260 alloy brass. Precision Brand® is the only manufacturer to offer Branded® shim. It has everything the user needs to know clearly marked right on the shim: material type, material thickness, and lot # for full traceability. Used in applications where corrosion problems exist; low magnetic permeability. Excellent forming qualities and may be lightly drawn, blanked or stamped. Measures 6 wide by 60 long by 0.020 thick. Precision Brand® Shim Stock is widely used in the following applications: tool and die set up; alignment; new machine assembly; machine repair and maintenance; mounting of motors, pumps and other machines; short run and prototype work; along with a variety of other industrial uses. It is especially useful for pilot production runs where material accuracy and economy are important. All Precision Brand® shim products are manufactured under rigorous quality control standards to assure high accuracy and tight tolerances.