3M 3550 Badge Monitor With Prepaid Analysis, Ethylene Oxide, 8 hr

3M 02120016911
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  • Detects: Ethylene Oxide
  • Sampling Time: 8 hr

3M Badge Monitor, Detects: Ethylene Oxide, 8 hr Sampling Time

  • The 3M ethylene oxide monitor 3550, with Prepaid analysis uses the proven scientific principle of diffusion, which is the gradual mixing of molecules of two or more substances
  • The monitor utilizes brominated carbon to collect and convert the reactive ethylene oxide to a more stable chemical derivative called 2-bromoethanol
  • Simple and convenient
  • No batteries, hoses or pumps to operate
  • Easy to use, test clip the monitor to shirt lapel, collar, or pocket
  • Versatile, 3M monitors can also be used for area monitoring, if sufficient air flow exists
  • Comfort, 3M monitors are small and light weight and will not interfere with employee activities
  • Analysis options, 3M monitors can be analyzed in the lab of your choice or returned to a 3M contracted lab for analysis
  • It has an 18-month shelf-life