About BlackHawk Industrial

BlackHawk Industrial provides you the highest quality industrial products and equipment, offering manufacturing services while creating innovative engineered supply solutions. We truly believe in the importance of the local relationships with the customers we service. Our employees have fun every day exceeding the expectations of our customers, suppliers, and shareholders. 

With locations across North America, you have access to thousands of manufacturers supplying a wide range of standard and custom products. Our streamlined distribution program allows you to dramatically reduce your total costs.

We distinguish ourselves as the #1 choice for industrial manufacturers who are in need of Technical Service and Production Savings. We are their “across the production floor” partner delivering value through product and supply chain performance that lowers their total cost of production.


Core Values


Commitment to Excellence


We strive to exceed customer expectations!

Create extraordinary success for yourself, customers, co-workers, vendors, and our partners. Make your commitment powerful and be genuinely committed to providing the best customer service experience.


Amazement Through Service


If it’s worth doing, do it with exclamation!

Go above and beyond expectation to differentiate yourself. Demonstrate the continuous improvement of our processes and services.


Embrace Constant Change, Experience the Journey


Change is inevitable for a growing company.

You are ever-evolving… Plan and be prepared for constant changes at work and in life. Embrace change enthusiastically, encourage and drive it.


Create, Have, and Share Fun


Embrace daily adventure and be unconventional.

Approach challenges with an open mind and be creative in your solutions. Seek adventure and have fun exploring possibilities. Innovate by encouraging thought outside the box.


Pursue Growth and Learning


Care about your future.

Challenge yourself to embrace personal and professional growth. Find new solutions to grow our company; in the process you will grow yourself and expand your horizons.


Exemplify Honesty and Integrity Above All Else


Listen and be a good communicator.

Strong relationships that are open and honest lead to trust and faith in each other. Show integrity; be compassionate, friendly, and loyal.


Treat Your Team as Valued, Respected, and Trusted Family Members


More than just a team – we are family.

Create a friendly and exciting environment to encourage diverse ideas and points of view. Celebrate individual and team successes. Carry yourself with quiet confidence; your character speaks for itself.


Do More With Less, Explore All Options


Be earnest about the operations of your business.

Believe in operational excellence, realizing there is always room for improvement. Develop innovative operations by striving for a streamlined approach.


Be Passionate, Determined, and Tenacious


Be inspired and believe in yourself.

An optimistic – yet realistic – attitude is contagious. There is excitement knowing you and your coworkers have a tremendous impact on a larger dream and vision.

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