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Crews LCT Spec Saver Lens Cleaning Towelette, 100 Tissue, Cardboard, For Use With Eyewear Lens

Supplier #: LCT
Alternate Part #:AIRRAD64051441,AIRRAD64051461,03-450027,PSC-00016548,PSC-00149946,MCRS LCT,20-09-30425C
Avail in Chicago, IL
  • MCR Safety
  • Crews
  • Anti-Fog Anti-Static
  • Wall
  • Lens Cleaning Station
  • 100
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MCR Safety offers a wide variety of products to assist in the care and maintenance of your safety eyewear. From cases, cords, and everything in between we have you covered for all your eyewear accessories needs. Be accessorized with MCR Safety!

For cleaning plastic, polycarbonate or glass lenses and goggles

Crews Lens Cleaning Towelette | Spec Saver | 100 Tissue | Formula: Anti-Fog/Anti-Static | Cardboard | For Use With: Eyewear Lens

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