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New! Seco Double Quattro Mill, 68 degree lead, 5.0 diameter with 6 flutes, Max depth of cut - 0.411, 8 cutting edges per insert

Item #: SECO 03157452
Supplier #: 03157452
Normal lead time 2-5 days
UOM : EA Qty:

This R220.56 Double QuattroMill cutting system is offered with a 68 degree entry/lead angle, which allows for a slight increase in feed per tooth compared to a 90 degree square shoulder mill

  • The higher lead angle allows for higher depth of cut when compared to a 45 deg lead angle tool and is better than a 45 degree lead tool in providing clearance to avoid features on a component or clamps and fixturing
  • This entry angle also helps to avoid breakout on casting features
  • It features 3 insert geometries with “ZNTR’ in the insert description; ME12, M12, and M18
  • With these geometries, we cover applications in many materials: P, K, M, S, H, and N.

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