Laboratory Combination Shower, Wall Mount, Open ABS Bowl, Stainless Steel Pipe

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  • Depth: 31.4 Inch
  • Height: 66.2 Inch
  • Material: Rose: Powder coated stainless steel, Eye/facewash diffusers: Chrome plated brass with stainless steel mesh.
  • Water Flow Eye/Face (Gal/Min): 3
  • Water Flow Shower/Body (Gal/Min): 20
  • Width: 12.5590551181102 Inch
• Powder coated stainless steel pipework | bowl | and rose ensures resistance to corrosive and flammable materials while also being easy to clean • High-performance quarter-turn ball valves made of 316L stainless steel endure the harshest environments and site conditions— low operating torque offers reliable | easy on/off operation • Includes a separate 16 x 12-in (407 x 305-mm) universal eye wash and safety shower sign for enhanced visibility | as well as an inspection record tag for recording test and service history • Meets ANSI Z3581 2014 and EN 15154 standards | supports OSHA requirements Ideal for laboratories | schools and general light duty indoor use | this wall mounted emergency combination shower is suitable for use in applications that are not subject to the possibility of freezing or overheating The system features specially designed valves with low operating torque offering reliable | easy on/off operation when emergencies occur Valve includes an integral | heavy-duty stainless steel stop-plate to handle rough operation without failure Durable | coated stainless steel shower pull handle with nylon valve connection is easy to grip and activate for immediate water drenching from the shower rose that is designed for high flow rates Open bowl eye/face wash with high | ANSI-compliant flow rate includes aerated diffusers with fine mesh strainers and an individual flow controller which provide a soft | scrubbing action to the eyes and face Features twin spray nozzles with dust covers that pop-off when eye wash is activated via the push plate Easy-to-reach flow regulator valve adjusts to suit the severity of the accident Highly visible red push plate with universal hand and eye wash sign for simple activation Add optional foot treadle for a secondary means of eyewash activation Some assembly may be required