KENNAM 3904154
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  • Flute Length: 1.8504 in
  • Helix Angle: 27.973 deg
  • Overall Length: 3.5039 in
  • Shank Length: 1.5748 in
  • Kenna Universal™ drills with through coolant.
  • Multi-purpose SC drill engineered to deliver superior performance in steel, cast iron, stainless steel, and other applications, making it ideal for small- and medium-sized shops.
  • The universal application profile reduces tool change times and the number of drills in inventory.
  • It's a problem solver that works everywhere.
  • Four-margin land design provides good alignment and stability in tough drilling applications even when drilling through cross holes.
  • KC7315™ grade is a multilayer, TiAlN-based coating with high hot hardness enables 30% higher cutting speeds and constant tool life.