Kut Gard® 10-21AX18TH Cut-Resistant Sleeve With Smart-Fit® and Thumb Hole

PIP 10-21AX18TH
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  • Color: Yellow
  • Lining: Aramid PolyKor Xrystal
  • Material: Para-Aramid Xrystal Blend
  • Ply: Single
  • Size: 18 in

Offers arm cut protection for applications such as sheet metal fabrication, painting, canning, recycling, assembly, plastic molding, pulp and paper processing. Not to be used around open flame or in heat applications. Smart-Fit® technology provides workers of all arm sizes to wear the same size sleeve and enjoy comfortable, form fitting all-day protection. Proprietary PIP knitting technology allows for lycra-free sleeves that are unrivaled in stretch and elasticity.

  • Smart-Fit® technology raises the standards for performance knit sleeves offering a unique stretch and recovery to increase overall performance and value compared to traditional rib knits
  • The PolyKor® Xrystal® blended knit is lightweight and provides excellent cut resistance
  • Withstands heat up to 500 deg F to protect arms from minor heat and burn injuries
  • Excellent FR properties will not melt or sustain a flame
  • Exceptional comfort and fit, will fit comfortably over clothing or directly on the arm
  • Form fit from top to bottom so it stays up on the arm making it far less prone to sliding down the arm eliminating the need for elastic or hook and loop top in most applications