| BlackHawk Team

Dear Customer:

The Corona virus outbreak has disrupted nearly every aspect of our lives. Our businesses are likewise affected by the pandemic and the global efforts to stop it.

We want to reassure you that BlackHawk remains fully operational at this time. This includes customer service, sales, order fulfillment and technical support.

We are closely monitoring the spread of the virus, what is recommended by the government and what best practices other companies are implementing.  We have taken the following steps to ensure the safety of our workers and customers and to do our part to help contain the virus.

  • On March 6 we proactively instituted more stringent hygiene standards across our facilities; this included our associates working in and around our customers’ facilities.
  • Next, on March 17 we implemented a temporary telecommuting work schedule across our organization. Customer service representatives, for example, are fielding calls from their homes with access to all BlackHawk systems.
  • We are running our warehouses on day and night shifts to ensure orders are processed and shipped promptly while at the same time limiting the number of on-site workers for their protection.
  • While they cannot be out in the field, our account managers are helping in the warehouses.
  • On-site workers are sanitizing hands regularly to prevent germ transfer while handling products and packages
  • We have ramped-up internal communications under the remote arrangements to be sure that we function as normally as possible, given the unusual circumstances.
  • We pursue every possible avenue to obtain the health and safety products in demand at this time.
  • We will continue to adapt our protocols in accordance with the guidance from our public health officials.

 In January we hosted our sales team and key suppliers at our annual conference. Ironically, the theme we selected for 2020 was No Matter What. That is to say, we are committed to deliver for you, our customers, no matter the circumstances.

None of us expected No Matter What to be put to such an extreme test as COVID-19. We intend to live and work by our pledge to support your business through these uncertain times.

Together we will get through this crisis. Please reach out to us for your needs.