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Crib Master is a vital part of the Inventory Management service provided by BlackHawk Industrial. Inventory Management is important for the longevity and profitability of any company, and here at BlackHawk, we have the tools and services to help you. 

CribMaster Solutions

How Crib Master Helps Inventory Management

Reducing walk time leads to greater productivity. Today, we offer the market with an innovative portfolio of industrial vending solutions controlled by the most capable software. With configurable, secure storage in a number of form factors, we offer many ways to manage your durables and consumables away from the crib.  

BlackHawk Industrial Engineered Supply Solutions

BlackHawk Industrial's Engineered Supply Solutions incorporate today’s  business practices while using non-Proprietary technology and systems. We design solutions to accommodate the needs of both large and small businesses. Customers have total control and increased visibility...with reduced activities and cost.

BlackHawk's Inventory Management Suite

Our Inventory Management Solution offers an advanced platform to track, manage and automate indirect material flows. The same software drives all Crib Master solutions, collecting information from multiple devices, tool cribs and sites in a single database. The software integrates with existing ERP/MRP and other business systems to optimize automated replenishment and purchasing.

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