Custom Tool Fabrication


BlackHawk Tool Fab is a world-class designer and manufacturer of special cutting tools. While custom specials are a major focus for us, over the years we have expanded this scope by developing important stock standard cutting tools and highly-engineered products for metalworking companies who seek high-performance tools at a competitive price. Our customers depend on these tools to achieve their own manufacturing objectives — performance, productivity, efficiency and better profitability — through time savings and maximum cost reduction.

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Tool Fabrication

Custom Engineered Special Tooling

  • Pocketed or “Indexable” Tools
  • Carbide-Tipped (TCT) or “Brazed” Tools
  • Special Thread Mills
  • Gang Set/Large Radius - Blended Milling Cutters
  • Modified Standards
  • Solid Carbide Round Tools
  • Special Cartridges
  • Special Inserts - Special TCT or HSS Serrated Blades
Tool Fabrication Tools

Stock Standard Offerings

  • Indexable Port Tools
  • Indexable Carbide-Shank Boring Bars
  • Schmarje Thread Mills (Solid Carbide & Carbide-Tipped)
  • McCrosky Adjustable Reamers
  • McCrosky Nobursink Tools
  • McCrosky Wizard® Quick-Change Chucks, Collets and Tap Drivers
  • ISO Cartridges
  • Mold Tools (Holders & Inserts)
  • Flush-Cut Coolant-Through End Mill Holders
  • Indexable Chamfer Mills
  • Indexable Cap-Screw Counterbores