There is no such thing as too many drill bits for drilling in your workshop, and BlackHawk Industrial is proud to be a leading supplier of these essential tools for our valued customers. Our inventory will help you get a wide range of tasks done right, with professional results and reliable durability. Whether you are looking for masonry, wood, metalworking, or multipurpose drills, we have you covered. We also have a deep inventory of drill bit sets, circuit board drill bits, and many different drill bits that will help you produce consistently impressive results in your work. 

If you need assistance in choosing the right drill bits, contact the experts at BlackHawk Industrial. Customer service is our top priority, and the staff pros are here to help answer any question you may have. Take a look below at some maintenance and tool selection tips, or jump right into the product pages to start adding top-quality drill bits to your cart!

Drilling & Drill Bits Maintenance Tips

With experience comes knowledge, and if you ask 100 different people, you might find that you get 100 different answers on the best way to do something, but when it comes to maintenance, there are some firm rules to follow:

Keep Them Cool and Lubricated

When you are drilling steel, it’s absolutely essential that you use cutting fluid that will decrease friction and improve cutting. If you try drilling without lubrication, you will cause damage to your drill, the workpiece, and potentially your machinery.

Clean After Every Use

It can be tempting to take a bit and put it back in the box without giving it a thorough clean — especially if you are in the zone — but the truth is that the extra time it takes to clean your tools is an absolutely essential part of the work. Wipe any excess cutting fluid away, and then use a dry towel to wipe chips and debris from the bit from the tip to the base. You can get the big stuff off by giving the drill a spin for a few seconds before removing it from the mount.

Store Properly

Before storing, give your bit a quick dunk or spray with an oil or lubricant like WD-40 to create a barrier against oxygen. This coating will protect them from rust when they are stored in a dry area until the next time you use them.

Inspect Regularly and Replace When Necessary

It’s a good habit to inspect your bits before and after every use. Issues like dulling, cracks, or signs of warping can cause problems with your equipment and will produce substandard results, so knowing when to recondition or replace a bit is important.

Keep Them Sharp

Sharpen your bits regularly to make sure that they are making accurate and precise cuts, evacuating chips as expected, and giving you the results you and your customers demand. A dull blade will increase wear and tear on your machinery, can damage workpieces, and will underperform in a number of other ways — each of which is a costly tradeoff when compared to putting in the effort to keep them sharp in the first place.

Baby Your Drill

No doubt that your bits are very important, but the drill turning them is just as important, and it can be easy to forget about inspecting or caring for them. Get into the habit of blowing out the housing with compressed air, and remove the covering with some regularity in order to remove built-up dirt and debris. The best drill bit is only as good as the drill that is powering it. Keep it maintained well.

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