If you are looking for the best variety of high-quality milling tools, BlackHawk Industrial has you covered. With our selection of carbide end mills, drill bits, and other cutting tools, you can ensure that your machining process is efficient and accurate every time. We have everything you need to finish the job with precision and speed, from high-quality indexable milling cutters to end mill sets for all types of material removal needs.

Our selection of carbide end mills is second-to-none, with a range of sizes, finishes, and styles to fit any application. We carry both two and four-flute models for tackling tough materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, and more, and of course, we offer a full list of milling tools for softer materials for woodworking applications and other unique jobs.

If you don't see what you're looking for or need some guidance when choosing the right parts for the work you're doing, we're here to help.

BlackHawk Industrial is the place to go for all of your milling tool needs. From carbide end mills to drill bits and other cutting tools, we have everything you need to get the job done right the first time.

You've Come To The Right Place For Mill Supplies

Milling supplies are specialized tools used in machining processes, such as cutting, drilling, and milling. Common items include end mills, drill bits, taps and dies, counterboring tools, countersinks, reamers, and more. These tools are designed to cut materials of various shapes and sizes with accuracy and precision. Each tool in our collection of milling supplies is high-quality, durable, and manufactured by a company that we're proud to partner with. BlackHawk Industrial works with the best names in milling, and our selection of milling tools is made up of cutting-edge parts that are designed to last.

End Mills

End mills are cutting tools used in milling operations to cut away material from a workpiece. They come in several shapes and sizes depending on the job, so once you know what you need you should be able to find the right one for your project in our mill supply. End mills can consist of features such as a single cutting edge or multiple edges, as well as various angles and helixes.

Drill Bits

Drill bits are used to create holes in a workpiece. The size and shape of the bit are determined by the job, so making sure to insert the right one is essential for getting an accurate result. We carry a wide range of drill bits to fit any application, including long-length drills, screw machine drills, brad point bits, and more.

Taps & Dies

Taps and dies are used to cut threads into or onto the surface of a workpiece. The taps come in various sizes and styles, depending on the job at hand, while the dies can be used to create internal or external threads.

Counterboring Tools

Counterboring tools are used to enlarge an existing hole in a workpiece. Superior performance is activated due to the tools we offer, which come in various sizes and are made from high-quality materials.


Countersinks are used to cut away material around the edges of an existing hole, allowing for a flush surface with no sharp edges. We have countersinks of all shapes and sizes for you, and if you need some advice on which one is right for your job, we're here to help.


Reamers are similar to drill bits, but they're designed specifically for enlarging existing holes in a workpiece.

Professional Milling Supplies

Milling supplies are essential for a wide range of industrial applications and can be used by a variety of professionals. From machinists to engineers, from woodworking hobbyists to contractors, milling supplies are an invaluable part of any project.

Machinists and engineers use milling tools to create precise pieces with accurate dimensions. In these types of applications, precision is key, and repeatability is essential. The milling supplies used in these highly-technical applications are designed to be durable, but oftentimes their tight tolerances require frequent maintenance and replacement.

No matter what your application is, BlackHawk Industrial is here for you. Our selection of milling supplies includes high-quality tools from the best names in the industry, so you know that you're getting reliable parts.

High-Quality Tools Produce High-Quality Results

High-quality parts are essential for getting accurate results, so look no further than BlackHawk Industrial when you need top-notch supplies.

High-quality milling tools are essential to the success of any operation. Choosing milling tools that are designed to last from a reputable manufacturer can prevent costly replacement cycles and downtime. As a business manager or owner, you'll recognize the value that professional tools add to your company when the obsolescence rate of your equipment decreases. Your employees will appreciate having the right tools for the job, and it will show in the quality of the services you provide.

At BlackHawk Industrial, we are proud to provide our customers with the best in the industry. Our selection of parts and supplies will ensure you get the job done right the first time, so what are you waiting for?

BlackHawk Supply Is Your #1 Provider For Durable, Quality Milling Tools and Supplies

At BlackHawk Industrial, we stand by our commitment to providing the highest quality milling products and services at competitive prices and a customer service ethic that we're proud to stand behind. Industrial supplies are our specialty! We know that milling tools and supplies are essential for our customers' operations, so we strive to deliver the best value every time. All of the milling supplies in our inventory are designed to last and can be used in a variety of applications, but it's important that you know exactly the tool you need for your job so you can get the job done right the first time.

If you have any questions about our selection of milling tools or need help finding the right product for your needs, contact us. Our experienced staff is here to help. As your supplier, we will work with you to find the perfect hand tools and supplies you need so that you can complete your project quickly and accurately.