At BlackHawk Industrial, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the packaging supplies they need to ensure their products arrive safely and securely. Check out our wide selection of packaging supplies and industrial tools near you. From custom box liners and bubble wraps to packaging tape, we have all the necessary shipping supplies to protect your items during shipment.

The Differences Between Commercial and Consumer Packaging Supplies

Industrial packaging supplies and shipping supplies are a lot more specialized to meet the needs of businesses. They may include packaging materials such as bubble wrap, packaging tape, corrugated boxes, shrink film, box liners, and cushioning material designed to ensure your items travel safely. The following are just a few of the factors that differentiate commercial packaging and shipping materials from consumer-grade products:


Industrial packaging/shipping supplies are designed to be stronger and more durable than packaging supplies found in stores to ensure that your products are delivered to the end consumer in perfect condition. If you are shipping heavy or fragile items, you will want to get specific materials designed to handle the job.


Industrial packaging/shipping supplies come in larger sizes than packaging materials found at local retailers, making them suitable for large-scale packaging projects and needs. Of course, shipping and packaging supplies are available in all sizes, including smaller products similarly sized to consumer packaging materials.


Industrial packaging/shipping supplies are designed to be cost-effective, meaning that they can save both time and money when packaging large orders. Industrial shipping and packaging supplies are cost-effective in high volume, so forecasting your usage is an important part of finding the right packaging supplies for your needs.

Environmental Sustainability

Many industrial packaging/shipping supplies are made from recycled materials or are recyclable themselves, making it easy to create packaging solutions that don't harm the environment. These products are often more expensive than standard options, but many consider it to be worth the extra cost for an environmentally conscionable packaging solution.

Tool and Equipment Considerations

In addition to packaging materials, industrial packaging/shipping supplies may also include specialized tools such as packaging machines, pallet jacks, stretch wrap dispensers, and strapping tools. Even something like a commercial tape dispenser is designed to make packaging and shipping processes easier, faster, and more efficient at high volumes, and the difference in build quality is notable between commercial and consumer models of the same tool.

Essential Commercial Shipping & Packaging Supplies

The following are just a few of the most common essential materials for commercial packaging and shipping operations. If you need anything else to run a comprehensive packaging and shipping operation, you will likely be able to find it from BlackHawk Industrial.

Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are essential packaging materials and come in all sizes, from small to extra-large. They can be used for packaging individual products or multiple items at once.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is beloved by many, children and commercial shippers alike. This simple and versatile material can be used for packaging, cushioning, and void fill.

Stretch Film

Stretch film is a plastic film used to wrap pallets of packages together to keep them secure during shipping. It creates an effective seal that holds items firmly in place and prevents moisture from entering.

Cushioning Material

Cushioning material goes beyond bubble wrap, and can include anything from foam packaging peanuts to shredded paper. These materials can be used to cushion products and prevent them from shifting during shipping, keeping them safe and secure.


Labels are essential for commercial packaging operations, as they allow you to brand and identify the contents of packages quickly and easily. Labels come in all shapes and sizes, making it easy to find the perfect one for your packaging needs.

Packaging Tape

Packaging Tape is an essential component of packaging and shipping operations, as it securely seals boxes, parcels, and packages. There are a variety of packaging tapes available — from clear packaging tape to security-grade tamper-evident tapes.

Commercial Packaging Machines

Commercial packaging machines are invaluable for packaging and shipping large orders quickly. From automatic packaging sealers to strapping tools, these machines make packaging operations fast and efficient.

Pallet Jacks

Pallet jacks make moving heavy packages a breeze, and are much more cost-effective than a skidsteer if pallets don't need to be lifted off the floor. They make it easy to move and store large numbers of boxes, parcels, and packages at once.

Stretch Wrap Dispensers

Stretch wrap dispensers make packaging operations much easier and faster. They offer an easy way to apply stretch wrap quickly and evenly, making it easier to secure packages for shipping faster than ever. If you ship on pallets, you already know how essential stretch wrap is.

Strapping Tools

Strapping tools such as tensioners and sealers make packaging operations easier, faster, and more secure. They are essential for packaging large orders and keeping them safe during shipping.

Tape Dispensers

Commercial tape dispensers are built with more durable materials, sharper cutting edges, and smoother operation than consumer-grade models. This makes them ideal for shipping operations that require quick packaging and sealing for large volumes of packages with minimal effort.

The Importance of The Right Packaging & Shipping Materials

Packaging and shipping supplies are essential for any business that needs to send goods quickly and safely. The right packaging materials can help protect products from damage during shipping, reduce the risk of theft, and make it easy to identify the contents of packages when they arrive at their destination.

If for nothing else, commercial pricing for packaging and shipping supplies should be considered for sheer convenience and cost-effectiveness. Quality packaging materials often come in multiple sizes, shapes, and colors, and are best purchased in bulk.

Having a variety of packaging items on hand allows businesses to quickly package products without having to order new materials every time they need them. This can save money over time as it eliminates the cost of reordering packaging materials.

Finally, the right packaging and shipping supplies can help streamline the packaging process, ensuring that your operation has the quality tools and materials needed to package, label, and seal quickly. This eliminates wasted time and effort, which all boils down to savings, freeing up resources that can be used to focus on other areas of your business.

Packaging and shipping supplies are key components of any company that ships products, whether as a B2B or B2C operation. The right packaging materials can help protect products during shipping, save money over time, and streamline the packaging process. Furthermore, using the correct materials to package and ship your products will reduce the costs associated with return processing and absorbing the cost of damaged goods. Investing in quality packaging supplies for industrial packaging is a must for companies looking to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure customer satisfaction.

BlackHawk Industrial Is Your #1 Provider For Commercial Shipping and Packaging

When you need packaging and shipping supplies for industrial packaging operations, you can rely on BHID to provide the quality packaging materials you need. From packaging tape and cushioning material to labels, pallet jacks, stretch wrap dispensers, strapping tools, and more — having the right packaging supplies is essential for any business that needs to send goods quickly and safely, and we have you covered.