Best-Practices During a Shutdown

| BlackHawk Team

COVID-19 has caused nonessential companies to shut-down for a week or more.  The Blackhawk fluid professionals compiled the following “To-Do List” for any company faced with this challenge, or any time your coolant sits idle in the sump. We advise that if you have any questions, please contact one of the BlackHawk Industrial fluid specialists listed at the end of this Blog.

The ultimate goal in preparation for a shutdown is to:

  • Run concentrations on high-end of range
  • Remove tramp-oil 
  • Aerate/circulate

Shut Down Recommendations:

  1. Contact your local Blackhawk Industrial Account Manager to discuss & evaluate your coolant. Determine if it is relatively fresh and clean. If not, can it be treated, or should it be thrown away? If the decision is to dispose, consider leaving the sump dry until machining starts again. 
  2. If the decision is to save, run coolant concentrations on the rich side during the downtime.  Try to leave space in the sump for adding water (to lean down percentage) when production restarts.
  3. On individual machines, spray and wipe the outlining areas with a light rust-preventive, after raising coolant concentrations.
  4. Remove as much tramp-oil as possible to allow coolant to breathe; circulate daily. 
  5. Keep your CNC’s doors open to allow air to circulate and reduce humidity in your CNC’s.
  6. Before starting back up, call your BlackHawk Industrial fluid specialist for recommendations on your particular system.

We’re working at BlackHawk Industrial and if you need us to evaluate your fluids and are allowing visitors (at least “essential” ones), call us, we’ll stop by to help out. 

If you have questions about your particular situation, please contact your local BlackHawk Industrial fluid specialist below:

Chris Rubino
(Eastern Region)
Anders Kauserud 
(Western Region)