Save Money and Time with this Innovative New Buffing Solution

| BlackHawk Team

The Old Way of Buffing

Buffing compound has been a necessary evil for years in several different industries including automotive, hardware, plumbing, homeware and more. It can be too runny and make for a messy job or quickly dry before the project is complete. Then, after investing all that time and money on the right buffing compound, the final shine isn’t as great as expected.

The New Fixed Abrasive Buff (FAB) Buffing Wheels

Norton Abrasives just launched a product that all but does away with the need for buffing compound. The Norton FAB buffing wheels feature a patented design that incorporates abrasive grains right into the buffing wheel. This means superior results and long life with a minimum need for buffing compound.

How Does the FAB Work?

The new FAB can be used on brass, bronze, aluminum, zinc, stainless steel and some composites. The wheel’s fixed abrasive grains do the job that is usually done by the buffing compound. This leaves you not only with extra savings from using less compound, but also a cleaner shop with less waste disposal costs.

Increase Productivity and Save Money

Studies done by Norton Abrasives indicated that the FAB wheels are tear resistant, waterproof and durable. They offer a 35% longer life than traditional cotton buffs with more parts per buff and fewer buff changes. They have also reduced compound up to 75%. This adds up to improved productivity and less cost.  Other features include

  • Patented design consistently provides excellent single digit Ra values
  • Uniform dispersion of abrasives provides more consistent buffing performance
  • Reduction of buffing compound allows for significant cost and safety benefits
  • Less hassle of clean up in buffing operations and post cleaning processes
  • Minimize costs associated with the purchase, application, clean-up, equipment maintenance, and disposal of compound
  • Less compound improves worksite safety and reduces the environmental impact of compound disposal
  • Tear resistant, durable, waterproof design allows for long life and increased productivity
  • Longer buff life means more parts per buff and less buff changes
  • Easily incorporated into existing robotic applications with no modifications needed
  • Superior finishing performance can eliminate pre-buff processing steps
  • Available in outer diameters from 5" to 22" and various ply, pack, and ID hole designs

BlackHawk Industrial has you covered with Norton Abrasives. For more information about the new Norton Abrasives FAB Buffing Wheels contact your BlackHawk customer service rep at 855-610-1001 or contact us online here. Find more Norton Saint-Gobain Abrasives here on the BlackHawk Industrial website