OLFA: Leading Edge in Cutting Solutions

| BlackHawk Team

The OLFA booth was one of the most popular stops at the January 2020 Blackhawk Summit. BlackHawk sales reps mobbed the table, eager to test one of the OLFA cutters for themselves. As our team learned, when it comes to cutting solutions, OLFA’s signature yellow tools have been the gold standard in quality, performance and durability since 1956.

The OLFA Edge

OLFA quality starts with its legendary Japanese steel blades — the sharpest, most durable blades on the market. OLFA introduced the snap-off blade cutter in 1956 with the intention of giving the user a sharp edge every time. OLFA’s innovative segmented blade design soon became the world standard. When the edge dulls, you just snap off the worn segment to expose a sharp new edge. Blades come in the standard silver line and the ultra-sharp black line, which are doubled-honed and 25% sharper.

Little features also make a difference thanks to OLFA’s uncanny engineering. Cutter handles are rugged, ergonomic and lightweight. Blades can be reversed from right- to lefthanded cutting with a simple flip of the blade in the holder. Replacing a blade takes less than a minute; no screwdriver is required.

For professionals

OLFA has general utility, heavy duty and specialty cutters for every application — from precision edge work to slicing through the toughest materials. OLFA stays in step with the marketplace, offering bigger, tougher blades for today’s thicker construction wallboards, insulation and siding. Whether you are a carpenter, electrician, mechanic, shipping clerk, machinist or MRO worker, you’ll want a do-it-all OLFA cutter, or three, in your tool box.

OLFA cutters come in three safety levels — semi-automatic, fully automatic and concealed. In all cases the mechanism is designed to retract the blade when it loses contact with the cutting surface to protect the user. Blade variations allow you to limit exposure and protect surfaces underneath the material to be cut.

X-Design series adds diecast handles

The powerful X-Design series features ergonomic fiberglass/elastomer handles with a cushioned, anti-slip pistol grip for comfort. X-Design cutters are chemical resistant for easy cleaning. Their hallmark is the ultra-sharp black blade, which delivers exceptional cutting performance. The latest additions to the X-Design series are the diecast aluminum handle models, with wraparound rubber grip, a tethering hole for tool security and stainless-steel blade channel.

Specialty cutters

OLFA understands that certain jobs require specialty tools. Two examples are the Heavy-Duty Scraper — perfect removing substances from glass and floors — and the 4.5mm Rolled Materials Cutter. The rolled cutter is ideal for cutting carpeting without damaging the underpadding or flooring. Scrapers are available in 8-, 12- and 24 in. handle lengths and feature a carbon steel blade, sure grip handle, built-in strike tip and a thumb screw for quick blade changes.

For crafters, too

OLFA cutters make great gifts for the sewers, quilters and artists in your family. Choose from a full line of rotary cutters, scissors, mats, rulers, blades and accessories. Fabric, leather, vinyl, balsa, rubber, plastic — your home crafter will appreciate the quality, comfort and safety of these exceptional tools.

Always wear safety glasses and gloves when working with knives and other cutting instruments. Please dispose of used blades responsibly.