BlackHawk Centrifugal Pump: Iron Workhorse

| BlackHawk Team

The BlackHawk Centrifugal Pump is no ordinary pump. “Think of it as an oilfield pump on steroids,” explained Greg Hibblen, General Manager of Pumps & Services at BlackHawk. “Our pump was built to deliver decades of consistent and dependable performance. Based on field results, it does exactly that.”

BlackHawk Centrifugal Pump

This pump’s ruggedness and durability are almost legendary. Designed for the petroleum industry, the pump is ideal for the dirtiest jobs. You’ll find it in the oilfields, in waste water operations and wherever sludge slurries need to be moved. The BlackHawk Centrifugal Pump handles fracking, cementing, blending, drilling mud, removing sludge and silt, and much more.

Centrifugal Pump Standard Features

Standard features include:

  • Oil-lubricated Buna-N lip shaft seals
  • Ceramic-coated shaft sleeve
  • Hi-torque 4340 steel shaft
  • 100 bhp frame design
  • O-ring seals (no gaskets)
  • Adjustable, heat-treated ductile iron casing and impeller (ASTM A536, Grade 100-70-03)
  • ANSI 150# flanges
  • Re-machineable fluid end parts extend pump useful life up to 3X
  • Built-in hydraulic adapter flange

Centrifugal Pump Design Features

Design features promote wear resistance, versatility and long life:

  1. Open impeller with expeller vanes reduces stuffing box pressure
  2. Both impeller and casing are adjustable for maximum performance
  3. Compact, stout shaft design holds shaft deflection to 0.001” at the stuffing box
  4. Heavy-duty grease lube bearings aid long service life
  5. Hook-type shaft sleeve with hard ceramic coat provides long seal life
  6. Casing and stuffing box wear surfaces are hardened for abrasion resistance, while proven O-ring seal helps eliminate leaky messy gaskets
  7. Discharge can be repositioned in 45° increments without removing the casing by resetting the removable pump feet — no need to adjust impeller and casing clearances

Centrifugal Pump Models

BlackHawk manufactures, sells and services the three basic models of the pump as well as all custom versions. The basic models are:

Model 350.205 Series 4” x 4” x 12” Up to 750 gpm and 250 Ft. Head
Model 350.1240 Series 6” x 5” x 11” Up to 1200 gpm and 150 Ft. Head
Model 350.202 Series 8” x 6” x 14” Up to 2700 gpm and 150 Ft. Head

Available options include Graphite Packing, Mechanical Seal, Oil Lubricated Mechanical Seal, Oil Lubricated Teflon Lip Seals, Halar Coated Impeller (for corrosive applications) and Hydraulic Motor Adapter. Electric and engine-driven units are also available.

BlackHawk also offers complete pump packages with accessories as well as customized modifications. For example, a configuration of a cementing unit pump with an IEC motor and oil lube mechanical seal lubrication system and oil lube bearings. Contact your BlackHawk Pump Specialist for more information.