Wipers, Towels or Rags: Which is Best?

| BlackHawk Team

What is your go-to product for routine cleaning and spill removal? We compared the four most popular items — paper towels, shop towels, cloth rags and wipers.  Our findings? Not all absorbents perform equally in all situations.

Paper Towels
The ubiquitous paper towel is a staple in homes, garages, restaurants, factories and repair shops. Paper towels are convenient, but surprisingly expensive over time. Paper towels are disposable and good for light spills, smooth surfaces and with spray cleaners. Also in restrooms for hand drying and in food service areas as a substitute for napkins. They aren’t the best option for cleaning tight spaces or machine assemblies because they can rip or tear. And their effectiveness is limited on thicker spills. The need to restock frequently drives up long-term costs. Not the smoothest texture for drying hands and faces.

Shop towels
Usually delivered weekly from a contract service, guaranteeing supply. They are launderable.

Cloth rags
Whether fresh out of a box or a worn t-shirt, the humble rag is another shop stalwart. Cloth rags are rugged and reusable and are great for plugging leaks in an emergency. They can leave fabric remnants or residues behind on clean surfaces. They are washable. Oily rags left lying around present a fire hazard.

Microfiber wipers offer a sustainable alternative to other products. They combine the strength of a rag, the soft feel of cloth and the convenience of paper towels. And they can scrub and clean tight spots and rough surfaces. Disposable wipers provide uniform size, consistency and quality with little to no lint. They have greater absorbency and are more economical than paper towels. Plain styles are ideal for spill pickup, cleaning and polishing. Presaturated wipes are moistened with alcohol for cleaning and sanitizing.

Choose your cleaning weapon
Consider the workplace conditions and the types of cleaning to be done. Is sanitizing important, or just ensuring a clean surface? Packaging is important as well. Sheets, rolls or dispensers depend on the particular working layout. You may find a combination of cleaning products to be optimal.


BlackHawk Light/Medium/Heavy-Duty Wipers

Engineered with triple-layer Spinlace, BlackHawk wipers offer a cloth-like feel with industrial strength and absorbency. They can be used for a wide range of cleaning applications and are gentle on skin. BlackHawk wipers are an economical alternative to rags and paper towels. Made of 50% recycled material.

  • Light duty (BHID-J103) for multipurpose cleaning and removal of light liquids and solids.
  • Medium duty (BHID-J104/J105) readily soaks up oils and water.
  • Heavy duty (BHID-J106/J107) is ultra-absorbent and rag-strong. Ideal for oils, grease and grime.

For more details, visit www.bhid.com.