Seco Tools Cut Production Time and Save Money

| BlackHawk Team

Most manufacturers are on the lookout for ways to speed up production and cut costs. Nail those two challenges, and you have an advantage over your competitors. But, as you probably know, speeding up production rarely means literally turning up the speed dial. There are more strategic ways. Just like there are also strategic ways to cut costs, such as choosing machine parts that won’t break down. When you buy quality items, you extend the life of your machine and its parts, saving you money in the long run. Another strategy is finding parts that can be changed over faster so you have less down time in between tool changes.

Quick Tool Change

For speeding up manufacturing time and cutting costs, we recommend the Seco QC Modular Toolholder for Swiss-style machining. In March of 2020, Seco Tools introduced a modular toolholder system for manufacturers designed to improve productivity with Swiss-style machines. The system enables fast, easy and repeatable insert indexing and tool changes outside of tight machine workspaces. The QC (Quick-Change) Toolholders also feature Seco Jetstream Tooling® and Jetstream Tooling® Duo technology for optimal chip control, high-quality surface finishes and extended tool life.

Click here for a video demonstration of the QC toolholder in action

For ease of use, the Seco QC Modular Toolholder allows users to remove both cutting heads and inserts as a single assembly, quickly index them and reinstall. Manufacturers may also use this system to exchange cutting heads and inserts with a second set for even greater efficiency.

High-pressure Cooling

The QC cutting head also features double carbide pins for accurate, consistent and secure insert mounting and indexing. Seco Jetstream Tooling® technology precisely directs high-pressure coolant through the QC Toolholder to the cutting zone. Seco Jetstream Tooling® Duo, available on a selection of cutting heads, adds a second coolant channel to the underside of the holder.

The second coolant channel can be switched off if needed for even more versatile machining. 2/2 The new QC Toolholders include cutting heads for general ISO turning, MDT, threading and parting-off. Shanks are available in metric sizes of 10 mm, 12 mm and 16 mm, and inch sizes of 0.375", 0.500" and 0.625". For more information on the QC Modular Toolholders, please contact your local Seco representative or visit our QC Toolholder product page.

Less Chips, Less Stoppage

A common problem with Swiss style machines are chips, which can hinder unmanned small part operations, frequently causing production stoppages. Erratic chip behavior has been known to bring machines to an immediate halt and can also lead to reduced tool life for tool holders and cutting inserts. The Seco Jetstream Tooling® and Jetstream Tooling® Duo technology incorporated into the QC Toolholder are specially designed for more efficient chip evacuation.