Be prepared for power outages with Procell batteries

| BlackHawk Team

One of the biggest factors beyond your control that can completely shut down your business is the weather. You might be the most efficient business around. You order parts in advance, have the latest equipment, use the best machines… but one bad storm that takes out the power in your operation can set you back big time. There’s nothing you can do to be completely unfazed by inclement weather, but there are some ways you can be ready for when it happens. One of those ways is simple: keep batteries in stock.

If a tree falls on a power cable or lightning hits a transformer, you’ll be out of power. Be prepared for those situations with some simple items you can keep tucked away in a storage room. The three basic items you’ll want to have on hand are a small radio, flashlights and batteries.

We recommend Procell batteries. Made by Duracell, they come with a reputation for intense power and long lasting energy, but they’re more affordable than the Copper Top line. The Procell series are designed to be reliable, but with business profitability in mind so that businesses can buy them at higher quantities.
As we enter the inclement weather season, now is a good time to stock up. For a detailed list of items to keep in stock for bad weather, check out this free printable checklist from EZ-Prep.

Procell batteries are also essential for battery backup panels. This is a good time to change out those batteries to make sure they are ready to work if you lose power. This includes changing out batteries in thermostat panels, security system panels, water control systems, etc. Twice a year, when we have a time change is a good rule of thumb for changing batteries in smoke detectors. It’s a good idea to make that your reminder for changing out all the batteries in all your emergency backup systems as well.

Procell Batteries

  • Premium brand exclusively focused on the professional battery market.
  • Deep understanding of professional devices and the battery category through device testing and analysis in our labs.
  • Customer-centric business approach.
  • A Global B2B-dedicated multifunctional team with deep technical expertise.

For additional questions about Procell batteries sold by BlackHawk Industrial, give us a call. We’re happy to help. Our mission is to provide innovative, value-added services and products that reduce our customer’s total cost. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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