How to Keep your Employees Healthy During the Flu Season

| BlackHawk Team

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently confirmed that the current flu season is on track to be one of the worst in years. The CDC also reported that Novel Coronavirus cases in the US, while not common, are on the rise. How can businesses help to keep both employees and customers healthy?

Common Sense Flu Advice

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the United. States (OSHA) states that by making non-healthcare workers aware of common-sense practices, employers can help protect employees during the flu season. The two obvious ways to prevent an on-the-job flu epidemic is to encourage your employees to get a flu shot and to stay at home if they’re sick.

Helpful Products

Employers can also reduce flu related illness by implementing products that encourage hand washing. By making items such as, a Kimberly Clark skin care dispenser with Kleenex foam soap available by all sinks or by adding a cassette dispenser floor stand with hand sanitizer in high traffic areas, the CDC says that you can reduce respiratory illnesses by 16-21%.

An overlooked flu stopper is covering coughs and sneezes with a simple Kleenex tissue. Keep dirty tissues from spreading their germs by making a "no-touch" wastebasket available for disposal.

Another OSHA recommendation is to keep frequently touched common surfaces clean. Who doesn’t know to use a paper towel when opening the bathroom door to avoid the spread of the germs? While that is a solution, it also increases the use of towels and adds to overall towel waste and increased cost. By adding a Kimberly Clark door handle disinfectant dispenser to your bathroom doors, not only do you eliminate 99.9% of common bacteria on the handle surface with a fast drying hospital-grade disinfectant formula, you also decrease your company’s impact on the environment.

We at BlackHawk Industrial want you and your employees to stay safe and healthy during your shift. We hope these Flu Season guidelines help to keep your work-family healthy during these cold winter months. For more information on how BlackHawk Industrial can assist you with creating a healthier workplace, visit our website at or contact us at