How One Company Is Saving $400,000 By Upgrading its End Mill Tips

| BlackHawk Team

It seems hard to believe, but it’s true. Earlier this year, Advanced Manufacturing published an online article reporting that Flexco, a manufacturer of belt conveyer components, saved approximately $200,000 on slotting operations since the company began retooling with a different set of end mills. Flexco is expecting to save another $200,000 on its mill-turn operations.

So, what’s the secret weapon?

After disappointing results from the current standard tips and testing out several others, Flexco found that Ingersoll’s Chip Surfer replaceable solid-carbide tip cutting tools made the biggest impact on the manufacturer’s production. The company replaced the existing 5/16” (8-mm) solid-carbide end mills with 3/8” (9.5-mm) Chip Surfer cutters and the results were extremely positive. The metal removal rate (MRR) jumped 60% and tool life increased to three times longer.

The work that previously took Flexco 8 hours to complete, now takes less than 4 hours and where 1 tool change was previously required to finish 1 bed, now one tool tip is able to last through making 2 entire hardened steel parts. Changing the tip is also simple. It can be done right in the spindle within seconds.

Flexco’s operation in question is a slotting operation in which the company makes what it refers to as a bed. This bed is made in many sizes and is basically a 4140 steel rectangle measuring 5-7’ long and 3.5” wide with 58-70 slots along the length.

The Chip Surfer

Ingersoll’s Chip Surfer is a 4, 5, and 6 Flute, 45° Helix, center-cut end mill tip. See Chip Surfer videos.

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