Keeping Your Workers Safe with Safety Vests

| BlackHawk Team

We know the safety of your workers is important to you. That’s why with three main brands – Pyramex, River City and MCR – BlackHawk carries more than a thousand different types of safety vests in our inventory. We have short sleeves, sleeveless, zippered, hook & loop, pocketed, reflective striped, harnessed and disposable. They mainly only come in two colors bright neon yellow or fluorescent orange, and there’s a good reason for that. Safety vests are designed to be lightweight so workers’ movements won’t be impaired. If it rains, the mesh material won’t weigh them down and will dry faster than common clothing. However, the sole most important purpose for the vest is to make workers more visible, especially in construction and warehouse industries. In some cases, the law requires the use of reflective vests.

There are three main reasons to outfit your workers with safety vests:

  1. Visibility in high traffic areas

The law requires flaggers on road construction sites to be wearing reflective safety vests, but bright-colored vests are important for the visibility of all people working roadside. It’s just as important to protect road service drivers while changing a tire or loading a car on a tow truck. The vests are highly effective for protecting people in low traffic areas as well. Think of your workers who need to be visible in a crowded warehouse where forklifts are turning sharp corners.

  1. Differentiating Employees

Vests can help co-workers easily find each other in a crowd when they need each other. In the same fashion, bystanders know who to go to if they have a question or need help. Bright-colored vests are an easy and inexpensive way to suit up employees in uniform.

  1. Compliance

While OSHA requires flaggers to wear vests by law, other regulations surrounding safety vests are suggestions. If you want to follow ANSI suggestions for safety wear, see the ANSI website for detailed requirements to be compatible under its Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3 standards.

BlackHawk Industrial is proud to offer top of the line products like Pyramex, River City and MCR. Safety vests from these brands can be purchased right here on the BlackHawk site.

For any questions about safety vests or any other products sold by BlackHawk, give us a call. We’re happy to help. Our mission is to provide innovative, value-added services and products that reduce our customer’s total cost. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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