Kennametal has Taken Boring Digital

| BlackHawk Team

The birth of the boring tool

John “Iron-Mad” Wilkinson was granted British patent number 1063 in 1774. If you are wondering why I’m telling you about an obscure Englishman who lived during the American Revolution, and you work with boring machines, his patent number 1063 kickstarted another revolution, the Industrial Revolution, and Iron Mad was the father of your profession.

This patent has been cited as the first ever machine tool. It made steam engines more efficient by producing accurately bored cylinders for steam engines. Originally cylinders were hand done using hammered iron which was out of round and caused leakage past the piston. In this new boring machine, the shaft that held the cutting tool extended through the cylinder and was supported on both ends, unlike the traditional cantilevered borers in use at the time.

Kennametal eBore system introduced

Now some 250 years later, Kennametal is introducing, eBore, a new line of digital-ready fine boring tools that can save you time and costly mistakes by making the crucial final step, boring operation, easier and more precise.  

This new system consists of four tools that cover a diameter range from 6-1020mm and provide digital ready, state-of-the-art, fine boring tooling solutions. The digital display cuts costs by providing the option of readjusting the tool on the spindle,

Kennametal eBore system features

Some of the most important features of Kennametal’s eBore system include:

  • Dial for manual adjustment.
  • Upgrade from analog to digital possible.
  • Versatility through various fine boring tooling options.
  • Diameter range from 6-1020mm.
  • Precision fine boring with ease.
  • Adjustment of each tool micron by micron.
  • Tool re-adjustment on the spindle.

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