Kennametal’s Latest Tech Tip on Insert Screw Maintenance

| BlackHawk Team

Have you checked out Kennametal’s expert videos on YouTube? If not, we highly recommend you take a look at the company’s “Tech Tip” videos. Kennametal has been releasing instructional videos for years that receive hundreds of thousands of views. The latest Tech Tip videos are short, simple and easy to understand. If you’re a machining professional and/or enthusiast, you’ll want to check them out.

Tech Tip #5 - Insert Screw Maintenance, posted just a few months ago, has already garnered close to 200K views. This video gives a valuable reminder to keep your milling cutter at top performance by regularly changing its insert screws.

The Kennametal expert says: “Friendly reminder: don’t forget about the little guy who holds it all together. We spend so much time discussing the design and engineering of the milling cutter and inserts that we overlook the importance of the insert screws holding it all together. This small factor plays a key role in the performance of the milling cutter. The insert screw is a wear component. Every time the screw is tightened down, the threads are stretched out. After a while, the threads become distorted leading to bigger issues. In light applications, you may not have to replace these screws for weeks or months, but when using tools like the HARVI ultra 8X, the screws are recommended to be changed every time you replace the insert.”

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If you’re looking for more complete in-depth information, take a look at Kennametal’s webinars that are also available for free on YouTube. One of the manufacturer’s most recent videos is the “How to Get More out of Your Tools: Chip Thinning, Kellering and High Feed Milling” webinar. In this webinar, Kennametal experts Danny Davis & Steve George share machining best practices and solutions for demanding aerospace and general engineering applications. Our experts continue the discussion on chip thinning, kellering and high feed milling. You can use these tips to achieve higher MRR, better finishes and faster cycle times. 

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