New OSG Phoenix PLDS: One Tool for Centering and Chamfering

| BlackHawk Team

OSG has expanded its Phoenix line of high-performance indexable tools, introducing the PLDS series for spot drilling, countersinking and chamfering. These versatile tools are a practical solution for job shops and multi-tasking facilities that desire process efficiency. A single tool enables workflow continuity without stoppages.

Phoenix PLDS features:

  • 3-corner triangular insert combines chip resistance and sharpness for accurate, consistent results
  • Negative axial rake angle suppresses burrs on the work surface
  • Coolant hole improves chip evacuation and cooling effect on the cutting edge
  • Highly rigid negative chamfer tip enables difficult centering operations
  • Tw body types offered: 90° and 120°
  • Cutting edge specification enables optimal chip shape creation

Phoenix PLDS tools are designed for centering, hole entry countersinking, V-slotting and corner chamfering. They are test proven to perform twice as long in 90° centering as leading competing brand without significant signs of wear. Phoenix PLDS is available in two high-strength grades: XP9020 for steel and cast iron, and XP2040 for stainless steel and heat-resistant alloys.

The Phoenix series also includes cutters for face, shoulder and radius milling; finishing and screw fit end mills; replaceable head end mills; indexable drills; and replaceable head drills.

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