The Norton Winter Paradigm Is a Game-Changer

| BlackHawk Team

What’s new in abrasives? Norton Winter Paradigm. Ok, the Norton Winter Paradigm – released in 2018 – is not actually a new product, but it might be new to some of you who haven’t tried it. Norton Abrasives promises that this diamond grinding wheel is a game changer for precision grinding of non-ferrous materials. Paradigm is designed to combine the form holding and wheel life of a metal bond wheel with the dressability and free-cutting action of vitrified.

Recently, a reputable manufacturer in the aerospace and automotive industry found a way to bring both costs and cycle-time down by making a simple change in abrasive wheels.

Improving Productivity – A Success Story

The Need: A major manufacturer of aerospace and automotive components was looking for a way to improve productivity by optimizing its grinding process on nickel-chromium alloy (HVOF) steel rods. So, the manufacturer decided to give the Norton Winter Paradigm wheel a try.

The Method: The manufacturer had been using incumbent D120V (vitrified diamond) to grind HVOF on a Landis Flex grinding machine, using oil-based coolant and a wheel that was 1A1TSA 30" X 2" X 12".  They made the switch from the original incumbent wheel to a Norton Winter Paradigm wheel SD320-D168-P100A-1/2".

The Results: The manufacturer saw that the Norton Winter Paradigm wheel outperformed the original incumbent wheel in cycle time, parts per wheel and cost per part – all this while also giving a better surface finish. Cost per part went down 16%. Wheel life went up 40% and cycle time went down 23%. The company was able to eliminate re-work, optimize grinding processes and achieve a robust and consistent process while reducing overall cost with the Paradigm wheel.

Norton Paradigm wheels deliver:

  • Free-cutting with up to 46% natural porosity
  • Burn free grinding with high thermal conductivity
  • Truing and dressing on-machine in plunge or traverse modes
  • Made to your precise requirements with large ranges in specs available

Visual Demonstration
If you want to see the Norton Winter Paradigm in action, take a look at this training video which will show you how to use the Norton Paradigm wheel to optimize Tungsten Carbide flute, gash and end‑teeth grinding.

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