TRIM® HD Heavy Duty Synthetic Coolant, 270 gal Tote, Gel, Cream (Concentrate), Opaque (Working Solution)

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  • Color: Cream (Concentrate), Opaque (Working Solution)
  • Container Size: 270 gal
  • Container Type: Tote
  • Form: Gel
  • Series: HD
  • Type: Heavy Duty

TRIM® HD is a synthetic (chemical surface active) coolant concentrate used for general machining and grinding of ferrous materials. It utilizes a heavy-duty, chlorinated EP additive package for improved performance on stainless steel, super alloy and most soft aluminum.

TRIM® Synthetic Coolant | Heavy Duty | Series: HD | 270 gal | Tote | Cream (Concentrate) | Opaque (Working Solution) | Gel | 8.3 to 8.9 pH