TRIM® MS590XT/5 Semi-Synthetic Microemulsion Coolant, 5 gal Pail, Mild Amine, Liquid

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  • Color: Amber (Concentrate), Clear to White Microemulsion (Working Solution)
  • Container Size: 5 gal
  • Container Type: Pail
  • Flash Point: >212 deg F
  • Form: Liquid
  • Odor/Scent: Mild Amine
  • Series: MicroSol 590XT
  • Type: Semi-Synthetic

TRIM® MicroSol® 590XT is an environmentally-friendly semisynthetic, microemulsion coolant formulated to pass aerospace approval test requirements. It utilizes the newest technology to provide long-life and excellent protection of sensitive alloys. MicroSol 590XT improves on the proven performance of previous generations with a robust stability package using the most environmentally-safe ingredients. The formula is a favorite of environmental advocates, safety professionals and demanding production managers.

TRIM® Microemulsion Coolant | Semi-Synthetic | Series: MicroSol® 590XT | 5 gal | Pail | 8.8 - 9.7 | Liquid | Amber (Concentrate) | Clear to White Microemulsion (Working Solution) | Mild Amine | >212 deg F Flash