TRIM® SOL® sf General Purpose Siloxane-Free Emulsion, 54 gal Drum, Liquid

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  • Color: Blue Green (Concentrate), Milky White (Working Solution)
  • Container Size: 54 gal
  • Container Type: Drum
  • Flash Point: >200 deg F
  • Form: Liquid
  • Series: SOL sf
  • Type: General Purpose Siloxane-Free

The industry standard when it comes to general purpose soluble oil coolants. TRIM SOL® has the broadest applications spectrum of any coolant in the marketplace today. Its performance has been proven over time in grinding, gear hobbing, turning, drilling, milling and replacing oils on some screw machines. TRIM SOL® will do it all.

TRIM® Emulsion | General Purpose Siloxane-Free | Series: SOL® sf | 54 gal | Drum | Blue Green (Concentrate) | Milky White (Working Solution) | Liquid | >200 deg F Flash | 8 to 9 pH