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When you need quick hydration on the job or in the field, reach for the unique frozen solution designed to help you replace essential electrolytes lost during physical work or overheating.

FIGHT THE HEAT WITH ICE: Freeze pops cool the body's core temperature, helping to relieve symptoms of heat stress

SCIENTIFICALLY FORMULATED: Based on extensive research and development, Sqwincher replenishes fluids and electrolytes lost during physical work giving you an excellent low sodium source of Vitamin C

COOL CONVENIENT HYDRATION: Each 3 oz pop comes individually wrapped in a plastic sleeve for a convenient and easy way to keep your employees cool and hydrate

Flavors: Dragon Fruit, Fruit Punch, Mixed Berry, Orange, and Watermelon

Sqwincher | Sqweeze Pop | Freeze Pop | Hydration | Assorted Flavors | Case of 150 Count