Do You Need to Replace Your Industrial Fluid When Reopening After a Holiday?

| BlackHawk Team

Now that we’re all going back to work after the long holiday weekend, you may find that the coolant has an unpleasant smell most likely attributed to anaerobic bacteria. According to Master Fluid Solutions, a leader in specialty cutting and grinding fluids and cleaning compounds in the metalworking industry, bacteria are major contributors to coolant failure. They chemically alter coolants and destroy the lubricants and corrosion inhibitors in the process. Other problems caused by using a coolant past its prime include:

  1. Employees showing signs of lung and/or skin irritations.
  2. Excess Tramp Oil present in fluid.
  3. Tools give out and/or machines are rusty.

Keeping coolants in top condition.
Master Fluid Solutions suggests that metal workers perform the following to keep coolants in top condition:

  1. Manage concentration levels.
  2. Use proper filtration.
  3. Remove tramp oil promptly.
  4. Keep fungus and bacteria in check.
  5. Clean machine sumps regularly.

Should you flush the system?
If you are still experiencing one or more of the problems mentioned above beyond what would be considered usual for normal usage, then it could be time to not only change your fluid, but to flush the hydraulic system and change your fluid type.

Customer findings of those who switched from their existing synthetic coolants to the Master Fluid Solutions’ TRIM cutting fluids include improved sump life, increased foam control, better filtration capability, stronger tramp oil rejection, and reduced carry off. Many of the products in this line also have the multi-metal compatibility required by the HVAC manufacturing industry. This is especially significant now, during our current national heat wave. Another important detail is that several TRIM fluids meet the requirements of the ASHRAE 97 standard sealed tube tests plus Master Fluid Solutions offers additional individualized manufacturer tests to customers who request further information.

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