Saving Money and Longer Tool Life with Ingersoll Cutting Tools

| BlackHawk Team

According to a report by Advanced Manufacturing, Flexco – a manufacturer of belt conveyer components – began saving approximately $200,000 a year on slotting operations after it switched to Chip-Surfer replaceable solid carbide end mills in 2016.

Once the company replaced all of its standard solid-carbide with the Chip-Surfer tips, Flexco saw a 60% removal rate improvement on its slotting operations and a tool life improvement of 3 to 1.



Additionally, some mill-turn applications ran faster by 2.5 to 1. Flexco estimates it saved the same amount on mill-turn operations as well after switching those tools over to Chip-Surfer. 

In Flexco’s experience, Chip-Surfer opened slots 60% faster than other standard end mills and lasted three times as long. The company reports to be saving $400,000 per year by switching to Ingersoll’s Chip-Surfer. 

Ingersoll’s Chip Surfer is a 4, 5, and 6 Flute, 45° Helix, center-cut end mill tip. See Various tips in this series can be bought right here on the BlackHawk site. 


Ingersoll Cutting Tools

You can’t go wrong with Ingersoll Cutting Tools. The company has been designing and manufacturing innovative metal removal tooling for more than 100 years. 

Its collection contains thousands of standard and special indexable cutting tools including end mills, shell mills, face mills, slotting cutters, form milling cutters, indexable drills, solid carbide, adaptions and indexable inserts.

Ingersoll Cutting Tools is the perfect partner to Blackhawk Industrial due to its commitment to making custom tooling solutions that increase productivity and reduce tool wear. 

The Chip-Surfer is part of Ingersoll Cutting Tools’ Chase Line. Other milling lines include: Max Line, D&M Line and Round Line. Under its Round Line

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