Seco innovations increase tool life and improve productivity

| BlackHawk Team

General-purpose cutting tools are fine for general work, but for jobs that require high-volume machining or working with difficult materials such as titanium and composites, it pays to invest in tools that are going to give you better long-term results. We’re talking about investments that will maximize your tool life and improve your productivity.

Everyone wants to cut speed and extend tool life. Seco has come out with innovations that are changing machine operations for the better.

If you use machines with Seco-Capto™ lathe turrets and HSK-T multi-tasking machine spindles you can now boost cutting speeds and extend tool life with Seco's expanded family of 150.10-JETI integrated high pressure coolant cut-off blade adapters. Ensure fast, precise pinpoint cooling within the cutting zone at both the top and bottom of the cutting tool edge thanks to the advanced Jetstream Tooling® technology in Seco's new blade adapters with the stability of high speed steel. The technology provides exceptional heat control, as well as fast and efficient chip evacuation, both of which contribute to extended tool life. Additionally, the internal coolant delivery channels of the blade adapters eliminate the need for any external coolant hoses, tubing or other spare parts. Thus, the system requires less maintenance for an overall cost savings.

Sleek design

Better workpiece accessibility

Optimized heat removal

Effective chip control

Long tool life

Easy handling and blade clamping

Widely adjustable cutting depth