Seco Tools Game-Changer Turbo 16 Square Shoulder Cutter Boosts Tool Life up to 130%

| BlackHawk Team

Seco Tools added Turbo 16 Square Shoulder Cutter to its industry-leading Turbo Portfolio at the end of 2020. With ever-increasing pressure to increase productivity and keep machining costs down, secure processes and long tool life have never been more important. The new Turbo 16 from Seco is a game-changer on both counts.

Thanks to an impressive list of optimized features, the cutter generates exceptional tool performance across a broad range of applications and materials. A smooth cutting action and low cutting forces mean reduced power consumption and tool wear – tool life can be boosted up to 130%!

Watch the video to learn more about Turbo 16 from Tim Aydt, milling product manager for Seco Tools. Watch more videos at Seco's YouTube channel, including the Turbo 16 in action in various applications.

Turbo 16 also scores highly on productivity – its exceptionally close pitch on selected cutters significantly increases material removal rates by up to 50%. A comprehensive range of ground and direct pressed inserts gives Turbo 16 exceptional flexibility while the cutter bodies are mode of corrosion-resistant tool steel, have internal coolant and range from 25 mm to 250 mm (the imperial program covers diameters 1 to 6 inches). They are compatible with a wide range of interfaces and standard rotating holders.

Proving that Turbo 16 really is built for the future, the inserts are the first Seco Tools products to feature Data Matrix tags. These scannable codes store product and batch information and can be read by the new Seco Assistant smartphone app.

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