Supply Information related to COVID-19

Facility Closures, Disruptions or other news we are aware of:

MCR Safety COVID-19 Update

Briney COVID-19 Shutdown

ORS Nasco Update

3M Authorized US Distributors

PIP Order Policy Changes

SGS California and Ohio Facility Update

Vermont Gage

Apex (Tools)

Dynabrade Coronavirus Update

Kennedy MFG 


Cutting Tools

Most of our Cutting Tools suppliers are currently up and running.  See supplier links or notices below.  


We have provided informal guidance to the local GM/Sales teams on Coolant Maintenance for temporary shut down situations. Contact Anders Kauserud or Chris Rubino in addition to our manufacturer reps with any application questions. 


Last week President Trump invoked the Defense Production Act to expedite and expand the supply of critical resources from the U.S. industrial base to support critical infrastructure including healthcare, first responders, grocery stores, the U.S. Military, and certain government facilities.  Manufacturers have been voluntarily shifting supply to end users on the front lines of the public emergency, and in some cases this might be determined by the federal government. 

  • Masks – Extremely limited.  Allocation.  We are getting shipments on a sporadic basis.  Our national time supply is in a backorder situation (0 days on hand until shipments arrive).  3M has increased production from 19MM to 35MM N95 masks per month. Core Sources:  3M, Honeywell
  • Gloves – All major manufacturers on Allocation or moving to Allocation.  We currently have supply to meet demand.  Core Sources:  MCR, Ansell, BlackHawk Brand.  Other options: Sempermed, Ammex
  • Hand Sanitizer – Extremely limited.  Allocation with limited information about future shipments.  Core Sources:  Gojo.  Other options: SC Johnson
  • Disinfectant Wipes – Extremely limited.  Core Sources:  ORS, Essendant…we are working to establish direct relationships for future
  • Eye and Face Protection – Becoming a bigger supply issue.  Core Sources:  MCR, Pyramex, Honeywell
  • Protective Clothing – Extremly limited.  Allocation.  Core Sources: DuPont, Surewerx

Suppliers are continually updating their production and order fulfillment status.  Some have COVID-19 updates on their main page; some do not yet.

Common Customer Questions

Question:  What is BlackHawk doing in response to the situation to maintain operations and supply?

BlackHawk is part of the US Department of Homeland Security designated as Essential Critical Infrastructure.

We have taken the following steps to ensure the safety of our workers and customers and to do our part to help contain the virus.

  • On March 6 we proactively instituted more stringent hygiene standards across our facilities; this included our associates working in and around our customers’ facilities.
  • Next, on March 17 we implemented a temporary telecommuting work schedule across our organization. Customer service representatives, for example, are fielding calls from their homes with access to all BlackHawk systems.
  • We are running our warehouses on day and night shifts to ensure orders are processed and shipped promptly while at the same time limiting the number of on-site workers for their protection.
  • While they cannot be out in the field, our account managers are helping in the warehouses.
  • On-site workers are sanitizing hands regularly to prevent germ transfer while handling products and packages.
  • We have ramped-up internal communications under the remote arrangements to  be sure that we function as normally as possible, given the unusual circumstances.
  • We pursue every possible avenue to obtain the health and safety products in demand at this time.