The Basics on Batteries

| BlackHawk Team

Batteries are one of the most common tools we use in the workplace. Yet, while they seem simple enough, there are many questions and misconceptions that surround the function of batteries. How many of us have parents or grandparents storing batteries in the refrigerator to make them last longer? Or are you the one sticking your Duracell AAs in the fridge? The truth is batteries do best when stored in a dry, room-temperature environment.

The following are some of the top questions customers ask about batteries.

What is an alkaline battery?

Alkaline batteries are made of different chemical elements than lithium and zinc carbon batteries. These are recommended for most devices, and are strongly recommended over zinc carbon batteries which have shorter life spans and may not emit enough power to allow equipment to operate properly. Alkaline batteries also work better in low temperatures, have longer shelf life and contain better leakage resistance than zinc carbon ones.

What is lithium?

Lithium batteries are more of a specialty battery. They are generally more expensive because of their longer-lasting life; some of them have been tested to last 10 years. These are mainly for specialty devices such as digital cameras.

Can I mix old with new batteries?

Once one battery needs to be replaced, you should change all the batteries in the device. Mixing new and old batteries will reduce the overall performance of your machine and may cause battery leakage or rupture leading to personal injury.

How can I make my batteries last longer?

There are a few things you can do to extend battery life. Turn off battery-powered machines and electronics when not in use. Remove batteries from devices that won’t be used for a while. Store batteries in a dry area at room temperature without the contacts touching.

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