The Wrapplicator: Stop Breaking Your Back, Stop Breaking Your Wrap

| BlackHawk Team

The Vmaxx Wrapplicator™ provides an easier, faster, and safer way to wrap your pallets, delivering high-quality, professional results, every time.

If you’ve ever wrapped a freight pallet with hand stretch film, you know it is physically demanding, cumbersome, and sometimes frustrating work. You may have experienced the following scenario:

Carefully unrolling the film using two hands, you squat, stoop, and bend over again and again, straining your back, as you slowly make your way around the pallet, painstakingly placing the film down to achieve a smooth, 50% overlap on the previous layer.

The wrap wrinkles, bunches, or comes out of alignment, forcing you to step backwards to try to correct the error by peeling and lifting the film back, placing it down again—which seems to wrinkle it even more—and, becoming frustrated, you carelessly stretch the film too far and it breaks, requiring you to start your work over again. This results in dreaded lost time and waste. Or even worse, you may have stumbled, fallen, and injured yourself. Well, suffer no more!

The Vmaxx Wrapplicator is a breakthrough innovation from Malpack. A hand wrap dispenser system, the Wrapplicator is patently designed to be used with one hand, allowing the operator to walk forward around the palette in a natural standing position, dispensing the film neatly and efficiently, with minimal exertion.

No bending or stretching is needed, thus reducing stress through the back by 50%. And no walking backwards, risking injury. The Wrapplicator is made with a series of pre-stretched gears within the dispenser so the film maintains an optimal 30% stretch as it is dispensed, minimizing the risk of over-stretching and breakage, or under-stretching and using more film than you need and wasting money.

See the Vmaxx Wrapplicator in action:

Easy to use, the Vmaxx Wrapplicator can be set up in just a few simple steps:

  1. Load the film.
  2. Thread the film through the roller and pull it through.
  3. Begin wrapping at the top of the pallet.

See how to set up the Vmaxx Wrapplicator:

The Vmaxx Wrapplicator is available in the following weights: Light (2.5 lb. and 10 lb.); and Medium (2.75 lb. and 11 lb.)

Roll dimensions:

Width: 16 in.

Length: 492 yards

You can purchase the Vmaxx Wrapplicator on the BlackHawk Industrial Website by clicking here.

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