More Helpful Tips to Prevent The Spread Of Viruses

| BlackHawk Team

The sudden, widespread outbreak of the Coronavirus COVID-19 is an unfortunate reminder that preventing the spread of germs and disease is far better than fighting a public health emergency.

Our workforces battle less notorious, but no less debilitating, illnesses every day. Flu and colds top the list.  According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), up to 111 million workdays are lost to the flu alone every year, costing nearly $7 billion in sick days and lost productivity. CDC statistics indicate that American adults typically average 2-3 colds each year. Every cold episode elevates the risk for developing a more serious condition such as pneumonia.

Obviously, you need a plan to keep your workers healthy. It starts with clean hands. Soap and water. Encourage workers to wash their hands routinely, especially before meals, after using the restroom and before entering other high-contact areas.


Alcohol-based cleansers and sanitizers make hand washing even more effective. Studies show that using foam or gel cleansers and sanitizers throughout the day can significantly reduce worker sick time.

GOJO®, skin health and hygiene solutions experts, can help with a complete line of GOJO® and PURELL® formulations and dispensers that help to prevent the spread of illness-causing germs.


Sanitizers for the Shop and Office

Combatting germs in the workplace requires a holistic approach.

At the “hands-on” level, you need products that address sanitization on multiple levels.

First, let’s think about washing dirty hands to remove the greases, oils and dirt that workers contact on the job. For that muck you need a strong cleanser. GOJO Heavy-Duty Hand Cleaners remove tough oils, grease, grime, paint and soils. Available in a variety of formulations, they are your first line of cleanliness. Pair them with rugged GOJO Heavy Duty Towels —textured wet shop towels that remove factory gunk.

Secondly, general hand washing helps avoid illness and prevent the spread of germs. PURELL Professional HEALTHY SOAP®, available in a variety of liquid and foaming formulations, does the trick. It maintains healthy skin, contains bio-friendly ingredients and has a pleasant fragrance.

Third, regular conditioning helps maintain healthy skin. GOJO HAND MEDIC® Professional Skin Conditioner moisturizes and conditions hardworking hands. It’s formulated for technicians and workers in tough soil environments. Tests show it can heal cracked skin in 14 days. It absorbs easily with no greasy after-feel.

Fourth, sanitizing stops germ transfer and maintains healthy skin. PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer and PURELL Gel Hand Sanitizer are gentle on skin and kill 99.99% of the most common illness-causing germs. PURELL Professional Surface Disinfectant delivers powerful germ kill protection without rinsing; just spray it on surfaces in break rooms, desks, conference rooms, fitness equipment, upholstered surfaces and more. PURELL Sanitizing Wipes are perfect for quick mess cleanups and general sanitizing of desks, tables, door knobs, break rooms and other high-contact areas.



Choosing the right hygiene products is one thing. Getting people to use them is another. Place dispensers at or near high-touch areas — in break rooms, lavatories, at points of entry, cleanrooms, meeting rooms and the like. Make them visible and easy to access. Add signage to remind employees to wash and sanitize their hands regularly. Blackhawk can work with you and GOJO to determine the best dispenser placement plan for your facility.

Dispenser technology has evolved from the traditional push-style to hands-free sensor-powered units to smart dispensers that greatly simplify maintenance. The PURELL ES8™ is the most advanced dispenser on the market. ES8 features a powered refill after every use. Plug-in data modules provide service alerts, compliance monitoring and more so that your maintenance staff is always prepared to replenish the cartridges.

Purell has a product selector tool to help you choose the best PURELL SOLUTION™ for your facility or business. Answer a few simple questions about product usage (where / why/ who) and the types of sanitizers and dispensers you prefer. The selector returns a downloadable portfolio of recommended products. The GOJO Industrial Workplace Solution Chart gives you a quick guide to product selection as well.

Good habits are the best prevention against contact-borne illnesses. That should be your goal — to make hand cleanliness an automatic action for everyone in your workplace.

We at BlackHawk Industrial hope these virus prevention recommendations help to keep your work-family healthy during this flu and cold season. For more information on how BlackHawk Industrial can assist you with creating a healthier workplace, visit our website at or contact us at


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