BlackHawk Custom Tool Fabrication: Unique Solutions for Unique Needs

| BlackHawk Team

Did you know that a customized tool solution can save you time and reduce costs vs. “making do” with a less-than optimal work-around?

It’s true. An investment in the correct tool for a job pays for itself in the time recovered from eliminating extra process steps.

When a metalworking customer requires a custom-designed tool for a particular application, BlackHawk has the answer — ToolFab Cutting Tool Solutions (ToolFab), a division of BlackHawk Industrial. Since 1970 ToolFab has been a world-class designer and manufacturer of specialty cutting tools that deliver profitable efficiency.


ToolFab understands the constraints manufacturers face: tight manufacturing schedules, throughput goals and close-tolerance part requirements. ToolFab cutting tool professionals work with customer engineering departments to craft precise solutions to exacting specifications.  Lead times are quick (typically 2-6 weeks) and ToolFab tech support is second to none in the industry.

 Custom tool categories include:

  • Pocketed or indexable tools
  • Carbide-tipped (TCT) or brazed tools
  • Special thread mills
  • Gang set/Large radius blended mill cutters
  • Modified standards
  • Solid carbide round tools
  • Special cartridges
  • Special inserts — Special TCT or HSS serrated blades

ToolFab also offers a vast assortment of Stock Standard products for boring, threading, milling, reaming and roughing/finishing operations with CNC machines, including:

In addition to ToolFab, BlackHawk provides more than 420,000 cutting tool products from leading manufacturers and a portfolio of managed services to support your business.

Call BlackHawk today, toll-free at 855-610-1001 to learn more about ToolFab, or visit our website: