VSM Guide to Abrasives for Handheld Grinding

| BlackHawk Team


Handheld tools can be used for a multitude of grinding applications, including smoothing weld seams, removing flaws and creating specific surface structures. With help from BlackHawk partner supplier VSM Abrasives, we explore the most common power grinding tools and compatible belts and discs.

The tools listed below are typically used for stock removal and/or finishing tasks.  Stock removal includes beveling, calibrating, deburring, cylindrical grinding, flat surface grinding, levelling and weld removal. Finishing includes cleaning as well as defined finishing. The ability to accomplish a specific task varies by tool.

Angle Grinders. Smooth weld seams and remove surface defects, also cleaning and finishing.

  • Forms: Discs in Ceramic, Silicon Carbide, Aluminum Oxide, Compact and Non-Woven grains.
  • Featured product: VSM XF885 resin fiber quick-change disc has self-sharpening grains and fiber backing for long cutting life.

Dynafile Sanders. For removing casting bosses and deburring, also cleaning and finishing.

  • Forms: Belts in Aluminum Oxide, Non-woven, Ceramic and Zirconia Alumina grains.
  • VSM ZK713X zirconia alumina belt offers aggressive cut and very high stock removal for sheet metal deburring; also nonferrous metals, castings and wood.

Tube Return Grinders. For off-hand grinding of tubes.

  • Forms: Ceramic and Compact grain belts.
  • VSM XK870T self-sharpening ceramic belt for extremely hard stainless, super-alloy, nonferrous and aluminum surfaces. TOP SIZE layer reduces contact area temperature.

Drum Grinders. Ideal when a perfect surface finish is needed, or for high stock removal.

  • Forms: Ceramic belts.
  • VSM XK850X ceramic belt offers long life and sure performance on stainless, steels, aluminum and nonferrous.

Disc Sanders. For detailed work, especially in the automotive industry.

  • Forms: Discs in Silicon Carbide, Compact Grain, Aluminum Oxide, Ceramic, Zirconia Alumina and Non-Woven forms.
  • VSM KK772K compact grain disc is a flexible, polyester-backed, self-sharpening disc for extended high stock removal on stainless and steels.

Orbital Sanders. Typically used for detail work such as painting preparation.

  • Forms: Sheets.
  • VSM KK114F aluminum oxide sheets are for universal use in manual applications.

Portable Belt Sanders. Used for deburring and surface machining and rounding.

  • Forms: Aluminum oxide belts.
  • VSM KK511F is a very flexible cotton-backed belt for medium-pressure work such as contouring and edge finishing.

Parquet Sanders. Free-standing machines used for sanding wood floors and removing resinous coatings.

  • Forms: Aluminum oxide or ceramic belts.
  • VSM ZK713X is a sturdy belt for aggressive stock removal such as sheet metal deburring.

Common Grinding and Sanding Tools and Applicable Tasks/Materials

BlackHawk carries a full line of VSM abrasive products for metalworking, woodworking, and other materials. VSM solutions cover backstand grinding, cylindrical grinding and flat grinding in addition to the hand methods described here.

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