Weekly Blog Post Round Up

| BlackHawk Team

Here at BlackHawk we love to learn and share news about what is happening in the Industry, and now that we have a blog, we can share it with you!

HARVEY TOOL: The Multiple Uses of a Chamfer Mill

This singular tool can provide many cost-saving benefits to machinists. Aside from the namesake operation it performs on a part, a chamfer mill can be used for several machining operations including beveling, deburring, countersinking, and spotting. READ MORE.

3M: Welding Fume: A Few Important Things to Consider

If you are not wearing a respirator, or have not been properly medically evaluated, trained or fitted and are using respiratory protection, there is still a chance you are breathing in welding fume. But, the burning that causes smoke and fumes may be more hazardous than you think. READ MORE.

3M: Beryllium Hazard: An Overview on Regulation Requirements Changes

Worker exposures to beryllium can occur in many types of ways, such as in foundry and smelting operations; fabricating, machining, and grinding beryllium metal and alloys; beryllium oxide ceramics manufacturing; and dental lab work. On May 9, 2018, OSHA issued a memorandum providing additional information for what sections of the standard they were going to enforce on May 11, 2018. READ MORE.