What’s the Difference Between Packing and Strapping Tape?

| BlackHawk Team

For most people, tape is tape. Grab a roll and pack a box. Today tape is a science and packing and shipping is more important than ever. The two most confused tapes are packing and strapping tape.

Standard Packing Tape Terms

  • Tensile Strength- Measures the force required to pull the tape to the point where it breaks
  • Backing Material- The material that is used for adhesive application
  • Elongation- the stretching point right before the tape breaks
  • Core Size- The inside roll diameter of a tape
  • Length- How much tape is in the tape roll
  • Width- Tape width
  • Thickness- The thickness of the tape

Packing Tape

Packing tape is what it says it is, tape to pack boxes. After that, the simplicity ends. Packing tape comes in many different sizes and strengths. Choosing the correct packing tape is important because the wrong tape could cost a company thousands of dollars in damaged or lost goods.

Intertape Venom 70mm X 450' Natural Water Activated Tape

Choosing a Packing Tape

Two of the more important items in choosing a packing tape are package weight and shipping method. Packing tape solutions are as follows:

Package Weight

For heavier loads, stronger packing tape is recommended because of the extra stress that these loads put on packages.

Package Weight Tape Recommendations
Less than 15 lbs. Scotch 371 Packing Tape or Tartan 302 Packing Tape
15-40 lbs. Scotch 372 Packing Tape
Over 40 lbs. Scotch 375 Packing Tape

Shipping Method

Individual cartons tend to have more pressure placed upon them due to increased handling. Pallets of cartons put less pressure on each package. The environment also takes its toll on packing tapes. Always consider temperature, sunlight, moisture and length of time the package will be in route or in storage.

Shipping Method Tape Recommendations
Import/Export Scotch 375 Packing Tape
Palletized Load Scotch 371 Packing tape
Palletized then Individualized Scotch 371 Packing Tape

Strapping Tape

According to 3M, strapping tape is ideal for strapping, palletizing, bundling, holding, attaching, reinforcing, securing and other general-purpose applications. In short, they are used with larger heavier jobs where extra tape strength is needed.  Strapping tape is reinforced with various materials. They include:

Scotch 8898 General Purpose Strapping Tape

To learn more about strapping tape download BlackHawk Industrial’s Guide to Strapping Ebook, the packaging incorporated guide to strapping.

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