How to Get the Best Cost-Per-Hole

| BlackHawk Team

Invention of the modern-day screw
More than 100 years ago the Greenfield Tool and Die corporation introduced a novel gadget that cut threads on a piece of metal instead of "jamming" them, creating what we now know as the modern uniform screw. Today that company is WIDIA and it’s still bringing groundbreaking tools to machinists all over the world.

The Top Drill Modular X known as the WIDIA TDMX follows this historic pedigree giving machinists stability and reliability combined into one modular drill system. Used primarily in the energy, general engineering and transportation industries, the engineered pocket seat is designed to ensure maximum stability, even in challenging applications like cross hole, inclined entry/exit and interrupted cuts. Watch as the TDMX drills into challenging steel applications. This drill offers:

  • Modular drill
  • Three material-specific insert point geometries: FPE (M), PK (M), MS (M)
  • Standard cutter bodies in 1.5 x D, 3 x D, 5 x D, 8 x D and 12 x D lengths
  • Metric and inch standard diameters
  • Grades: WP40PD and WM15PD
  • Regrinding available globally

Best cost-per-hole
The TDMX is designed to deliver the best cost-per-hole by featuring material-specific inserts, a competitive price and a pocket seat design engineered to increase stability. The top product features include:

  • Extra-stable pocket seat design to increase stability by preventing rotational movement in the X and Y axis, which will enable the drill to securely handle demanding applications.
  • Coolant channels exit right behind the cutting edge to ensure the best coolant delivery.
  • Two standard screws to clamp and unclamp the insert, without disassembling the tool from the holder.
  • Flanged shank for maximum rigidity.
  • Tapered insert seats Z axis.

BlackHawk Industrial Supply
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