Create the Perfect Tool with X-Press Custom Tool Builder from BlackHawk

| BlackHawk Team

Wouldn’t it be great if you could build a cutting tool to your exact specifications?

Now you can. Introducing the X-Press Custom Tool Builder from BlackHawk. With it you can have the perfect tool for your application. No more cumbersome work-arounds with multiple tools. Save time and money and increase your productivity.

X-Press Custom Tools are built with the highest quality craftsmanship to your exacting specifications — and with a quick turnaround so you can keep your production lines humming.

Easy Ordering
Your path to the perfect tool takes just a few simple steps. To get your quote, (1) complete the PDF Order Form for the tool of your choice*, (2) save it, and (3) email it to us at You will receive a quote in less than six business hours, with same-day response on quotes received on or before Noon, EST.

*Current custom tool options include the following products and are subject to change: Dovetails, Drill Mills. End Mills, Key Seats, Step Drills.

Sample Template: Dovetails — Starting in the upper right corner, complete all fields and customer information. Add notes in the box at upper left. Remember to save your file before submitting.