How to Make Packaging Easier and More Efficient

| BlackHawk Team

Developed over 50 years, CYNCH products have shown to be time-tested and dependable. CYNCH brand from BlackHawk Industrial offers a full line of strapping, stretch wrapping, taping and edge protection products.  CYNCH has solutions that can bundle industrial pipe, ship fragile furniture or handle any type of Ecommerce package.

Some of the products offered by CYNCH that make packaging easier and more efficient include:


  • High Performance Hand Wrap offers ultimate performance with greater puncture and tear resistance in ultra-thin gauges.
  • Extra Medium Light Cast Hand Film has increased clarity for visibility of wrapped products; Unwinds quietly and offers two-sided cling.
  • High Performance Machine Film stretches with unmatched puncture resistance; available in lower gauges with exceptional holding force on pallet performance. Outer side cling offers incredible grip and corner hold creating a superior force to load.
  • Colored Film is useful to identify loads in transport or storage.

CYNCH Strapping

  • Plastic strapping features high break strength and split resistance at a fraction of the cost of steel strap.
  • Polyester strap stretches under tension and recovers after initial application. It is commonly used for heavy, shrinking or settling loads and is recyclable and impervious to weather. Can be applied with manual or battery-operated tools and automatic machines.
  • Polypropylene strapping is more often used in automated strappers and lighter-duty applications.
  • Embossed polyester strapping with a diamond pattern finish increases the efficiency of the strapping joint in machine grade strapping and reduces strapping slippage out of closures like buckles and seals in hand applications.
  • Steel strapping comes in two forms: Low carbon steel for low-to-medium-duty applications such as package reinforcement, unitizing, bundling, palletizing and closures.
  • High tensile strap is made from medium carbon steel and is used where high strength and elongation are required.
  • Strapping seals, used with plastic or steel strap, provide a secure seal and are galvanized to prevent rust.
  • Strapping tools are must-haves in any packaging operation. Tensioners tighten the strapping around the load, while sealing tools clamp the metal seals to the strap to hold it securely. Use a strapping cart to hold strap reels where mobility is needed, or a wall-mount reel holder for stationary installations.

CYNCH for the Box and Pallet

  • CYNCH Tape, in manual or machine-ready forms, gives you a secure, tight seal every time, regardless of the type of carton.
  • Angleboard protects pallet edge, allows unitization and enhances stacking strength. It greatly reduces product damage and can be sized for any load.
  • Recyclable Cornerboard provides great strength and resists moisture. It is ideal for loads that will be exposed to weather or stored outdoors.

Strapping Tool Repair and Customization
BlackHawk also repairs all major brands of strapping tools and power strapping machines. In addition, our tooling experts can modify your packaging equipment to meet your specific needs.

You can optimize your supply chain operations with BlackHawk as your preferred packaging solutions provider. We offer comprehensive packaging services, tips, and industry expertise that can help you save money. Our trained packing professionals will assist you with product selection from packing and strapping tape to fasteners to all-purpose products like duct tape.